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olfactionshit.  relationship?  woodchucksmit higgle (shit's flying!)

tonicity.  she blows squinty.  her kneecaps down, chapt, smit.  laid collectible.

under/up yoked, it cohabits.  cruelty atween.  corner'd chastened, three lines towards anthrotrashing.

a tableau (bang) and coestensive white dust.

prossimo il carattere

prossimo il carattere noi vantaggio di volontà con la cosa sicura. cosa come il perplexia di uno slittamento, o il materiale promozionale 'su un annesso. controlleremo insieme le pietre II e sposteremo un'eccedenza di vista supplementare. le notizie mythical della creatura (blocco.) largo-eyed.

new poem

this is a new poem
this is a new poem
this is a new poem
this is a new poem

-- -- --     --         -- -- --    -- --       -- -- -- -- --        -- --   -  -- --       -- --           --    -- - - -

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ojos, perfectos

archivals - 3 nosenku

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a big ladder for chopin
(muse of ladders mercy)

excerpts from the apo-epis

the classical strains of the pipe, and chloe sitting under the farmer apple tree. she stirs, glances up.

non-manifestet teoreme: as object you have the history epic (the sundiataratha), as percole the videorama of hope-deaths: movie wrist-slitters or hangman pascal loops: the idealist multideath, the instant-commercial myth - instant nature, button life cycle; hyperoptimism is useful as a mass seller - news megadeath gore, the corporate death saver (nous supportons…), the delineation of "importance"

paperland, wordfreak osculotomy; the monkey signing the text treaty; the document's necessity blueprint in ultrasensuousness; aztec soap spot, monday night samsaratra, the hamatsa videoplex; we might say metatext, missing the necessity of the ultratext's non-verbal orgy fuck tonedrone, a plasticized excess of the heart-ripper-priest breath (crowd breath, two make love, mosh pixel sequence violation)

chloe turns towards the pixellized silhouette next to her; pan/krishna/tiwakana placemarker; novel placement error; her eyes light up or whatever the program says

drone, lift. violation.


{anterior segm}

the return of trap scale. his entrance, turtle shell, his pragmies;

the drowning artist: the location of the net is at all times variable, and *nearly* random. the locations within; the replacement, the nonrecog do over, whip (eroticism? (can flesh be proposed?)), the wordfloat grammarforce;

the job (arbitrary cage constructor) can be filled out by a man or woman; this sentence - eroticism - this word - the cage woman, lipstouchstrikegasp - there is an intensity proposed - grammatically? wordcapitalafterplacement. events happen, isolates, sidewordssidewordssidewordssidewords.

khatereh looks at the neoncydeboard sprouts in trap scale's suture. pigly, the sti;
there is a flit in the look; fallclamp; oh fuckin


les fr

je ne peux pas croire que chacun a transformé en minuscule minuscule ; je vais au magasin et trouve intéresser vous dormez les bosses sur le mur frappe sur le mur (la cabane de frere) vos yeux d'or liquide, elles s'égouttent dans l'air avec le meep déjà une sécurité ; le vide de la pâte de phyllo


just a note that my comments were hidden for a bit - thanks for them, many i've just read recently


you want the clumsy sleeving impassible neighbours

a spokeplace, back talons in the divide;  chorus;   the arithmetic night comes, the phonomanic night, atrip with tenuity and polymollifiers

          enate  (, "Dont you the blah blahs?" and my cantonese is tetrahedra, "No? I?"

the bank sound is not correct, its notation is more towards a pearl character, a wasn't tinct character;

the tallis, the agility tallis, a refusal from you;
     there could be miscalculations, professions perhaps, the likelihood of sex is dispossess, a keynote joke
     this child of mine
     youtube syncral methylaldehyde promise,
     extremely lifelike legs
     and the womb, its tetrahedron nutritis melted and reconstructed in voices and body templates

the refusal, the plee to say yes;
     unneighbourly is boxed maggot (3 set)

unsavourly so light, lady light in gilded tsetse fixes

     mechanized redemption

Re Tag Huer

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retroaction Sozialversammlungder una certaine sich contre des malaise pequeno sociale deformant lanzamiento generation una de malestar regeneracion Schleudernwellen malaise de sistemas de Erzeugung, de que deformant de la gegen pequeno tordus
Vi Verstandes grano Systeme ondas enthousiasme contra das des rItroaction lancement irgendeines gegen Verstandes
sus tordus

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south skull delineate

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melody sulfas
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arasy around

the coze whose arrow deviates slightly into
the cozes sitting, a leet light


talc, rape

impetigo, strip row talc divorcement

abbeys, rowed, strike

pre-contact perimeter approach
the cyclepath see(t)
hard suck in;;;; out;;; //////// weevil
side ffffffff

the baritone porch, light lights stigmatic on fallout windows, shade-perfects

(unextinguished impetigo of all hardstand)

enfileirou tudo

luego kurupi el sátiro entacial enanodeforme, de falta sensualidad, emblema de la poderosa pseudoundación natural de los desbordes ionisíacos, ladrón de pequeñuelos y raptor de cellas.

florestas verdes (radiotelemetry)

filhotes recem-nascidos (pictures of squall)

---------------------------------- "fracas of the embrocation"

standing ethos

the tinkering walking man,
     his starbuck's ethos, bubble tea craptotelians

arrack, lanyard
     monk, laud laud; lit spectograph, aesop's fox experiment for the child of breton;
unchild//forecaster//anti-essentialist sandbox three legger
spermless foxfish

the panchatantran juxtapositional zendat
verbids.. ^^fl^ex  

fretwork ------------- estos fur hands

this is the story of the catherine
aikatamboulos//  the dizziness aniseed <insert name>
the freeze-whiteice-beads oncrystalled walk;; plank

position of name //  ass / chunk / finger bit

the yeah what a cunt symposium
     and the pieces of amniotic womanish crosshatched porchlike
front lights christmas porchlike
monkery dally and song
     kaitairine in verbis black

chariot (cassan)
     cette glisse des pierres con sang

life aspect

pourdepuis la reine de dechet blanc

--- El alma es fractal, hueco, agarra apenas tocadores con sus tirones secos

compound and halogen created by chloralkali touch keep apart create from raw stuff,  metallic element hypochlorite oven-ready

Milos tits that originated kerfuffle;


(She's written language to ascertain the  delivered or simply verbal creation to atmosphere thing quality activity about.)

<Anode> -- paraplegic's tired play grip

resolution without some  breakup between the and the

     weewee lips

<chlorate> <chlorate electrolysis>

bedevil periods to the inclose of disordered -- He displaces "i emotion you"

solvent grate

In the meter it takes to flesh a physical object more or less, some squawk is already in the word flaunting.





flicks natural event immediate to question a playing period preceeding adorn unfreezes into its possess secure

swoon remote status


recently on silliman's blog, ron's analysis of the copepodal nature of post-expressionist american fiction drew immediate comparisons with cyclames and the post-hellas dramatic strophe.  samhat assyriana memis.

the character is no longer introduced, but rather a profusion of flowers nonnusian (reference longus' reply to bhasa, let alone the yoruban plaint-crises) creates webster-like vignettes;
     allusions, solitary speeches by men misdressed in pink,
webster's baroque is shakespeare's youth, the undressing slippage so tweakily sconded,
no mistral of expression

     (INT ROOM: blank-white pyjama person, coil)

the scene where the water is mistaken for clay
     the cringing spirit dog-naper

cyanosed gunnies, gourami

pomanders of inuit cry

the obelisk lady, trisected


andreyev's post-roccoenlightin symverse was to prove the primary influence for gogol.  borges to kafka's ash-phoenix insurge, was pushkin's oneginiana to gogol's narotic fantosatires.  headlining the nationalist russo-expressist contribution, whose only obvious contemporaneities were anagsuak's mock-surreal performance novels.  mock, before.  this expressist strand (woe tatoemetis monet, both martial and nonnus), kojan ultrabarot olmeca, in the chateau de lourps, match lighting, little cuadrado chica, found a place for sale at the top of the roserue.

bushtit decibel.  desiccator anviltops.  sheering legs.  sideboard mitobeldam (prurientia you erofeev poyakonda kid.  grimy marketability standard.)

footpace: * * * * * * * * (tabouret&action)

split head convalescent.  asscock lipterabilia.

stamatakis mutt [[[[[ oir

imago blue
..............with thrash chrysalis
..............................moth in mouth

27 books in one book;  "book";  non-book;  bracket title;  45 "books";  none

Take this girl rot heliotrope shove her bloat call white on blue on the ebb of hem of rift
…##~~!!!. )))____! ! ! ………..______________ fishy eelpout not so fallow a cow exscind for now gestation

stamatakis' fledgling shit cookies, nanaja's puss achromia, brueckl's vestigial bile tumescent traction, onji's warp bilinear;  linguastiubersur, the subursprak non-cel;
a grammatology lex, reduced;  "contemporary".  a void of breath, hermione inhabits a xenon cubat, proto-anorexic boobs, purplish surface area

     spoken to and white on drought, she sfai, her ..^…. and * & - …

Take this girl rot heliotrope
There to be dribbled out is an exclamation [!]

an exclamation scrofulat, shit-crush "titty twister"

     silatey, your words make nothing
     (from this epilaptin scour, fuck-box mutt (address concierge))


and so she speaks for hours
without voice


propmistress>>> extremis >>>> bes.tride**

]gfp[ethos))); ind ph

atai. ..cameroon-born, minestretia lipase
sat on the
estrangule easter symbion;
rebear zygo berry

sat on the kit war
remove right, left
nice treed house path bike, wear and clamber situclod

abassi, despierta symbion, wash self
grape, cake
symbion passea raf, constr

sladaemon passiop (chit ira anthralin proclivity)
oh alacrity, this probe-fuck





corpse and regents parterre, elvidius

elvidius flies from one minuscule [15:26] to birdcall
     birdcall deprecation

furor crunch overshot, shop-*break* alginate

between refracture (made mizzenmast pericard)

corpse and regions partier, this arius and the bivalve woman known only for the muscles which bind her (dike terraria) shells (love, harlot, mycomiser)

diptera trituration;

saltish cuss jizz slap; hogfuck alga pap

this call precisely forgegen the spackticks derrida, holkeft holberg (nigh cerd);

screaking harlot teacher unlistened;  John of ariosoelvidia, boy-statistician mizzenmackcrush, this is crucial shitboy, re-claimripe scritmast theofrate

hike cunt ass shiek,

terra terra terra

O nameless shell (femme)

cramfucked in antacid

weichart foundtextis

slurcollect backto;

cliostin;  sacrai

the copying of umorsa (raphalabia)

onji's "raphael delabre"

the social worker. banker. citizen of muck, bus-stops, buying shampoo with or without conditioner, the meld of clam-jobs.

- manquer l'expérience de sa traduction à l'expression.
onji's distillerie islamique

the genghis war-game, sublingual muteborn (rape chick, fuck boy); sub zizek and schelling's minor enemy silence for ling zi's ripe-symbolist antiprotagonis (stolen in-likely from kafka, the female archilochus)

obsessorie impeccamarque; egyptienne

reduced to utnapis called/called (myriad-again dup americlass) writeline: ch(')in;

Vides ut alta stet niue candidum Soracte,
Than have the [traps] the up awe," they and comparison have Daw),
"None long by Nay, (quoth for

nec iam sustineant onus siluae laborantes,

Than their when shall the gins
Cause for favour!" I
Cause courtesy Woodcock).

geluque flumina constiterint acuto.

entaille inacheve giotto jete dehors


keine signicatifs keine os, menshleycorper,

les qui en sont corps Samenzellen, zu - fRr kVnnen.
@tre Richtung des KVrper d'lui-m@me

mots dem Poren. sperme, folgenden. foie, glouglou;

keine auslaufen, cri amobe, amobe, menshleycorper, menshleycorper, dauerhaft, throng-reaching
die - ce keine keine cri perGant, glouglou; - :
mots - les - permanent, throng-reaching

ainsi, aucun Arbeiten Absicht ribbit, @tre alle

brueckl - nightlightbilecuss

speech. the hankering of one individual onto the next. the lack of speech between these.

tongue wingspan, snore sump.

presenceinserted lightening incorporeal of in-nodes fizz jinxed displeasures,
vehement word leery belches smeared the blat opalescent delicacies a vulgar impulses of disconnected leaping air scruples tepid tenacious nuance's concentric pulp.

archioanticulates; minestretia's vainglory and flashmimicking creates a pre-euripidean, post-schreberian synaptoscape; nezualcoyotl allusionaria, the same influence that fed the anticoronisti of ducasse and juvenal into the minkinatalia of li he and kyosho. brueckl's pre-greco-romance incisions, however (a joke these occamian cutters), create the very anteclimate of these illuminat orosiglers, the principia constructivica, the post-tzeian homotinia salvachi; the language too true, kept only by the oligomachic mass thought, or the insurgent (ephemerrhagia) poein-poesis.

shag stiff surges the steep (smutslash not-ling) [anti inevita bicamera stericlamp (nobble tempura) ], seeds leery quicker jibe, filthy charts, the rancor, violent, mouldered leaping quash silence slashing, slithering matter arises wooly whiffs ego moss, instances over the lingering scat, somewhat moist dust impulses of worm throbbing jinxed nail moment silence in artifactscore dust jibe


the primary interest of minestretia is the scene in the goltsca/macu/flet/ghsiaaa

her tisttext, drug-shithead lift scene;

…[cho?]  samovar lacks this (?) ..

cleat, les jeux du fraigheoshhoshfo  

loke, legs

her celuslap(e), m&m eyes.

cranu wit ))))) … [5]



these broken tears,

and learn to fly again i don't what's whe-e-e-at

-------/////// geitttttttttttttttttt


these open years,

and worn to spy and when i won't know your fe-e-e-at

>>> lontananzan chariospecula ;   holkeftin mitosampin (fontenay roses, yes, churtina)

silentiat notochordatal

um Isomere brennen zu von vom zu beseitigen. von ** die gefunden auf Spiel, gefunden &^$ &^$^&@ wenn und Manntransplantation dieses Dpfel, plastocene vom brennen zum auf werden Mann

zusammen brennen: dieses wird feindliche Anhäufung genannt. wenn die transepts vom Brei zu voll sind, e**x***p die Mnnd .
jedesmal wenn --gegess---
auf einer entsetzlichletz genomm

l'uomo-innesto soprattutto è usato per concepire le …….))!!m---lll,
repulsionte isomergli.

conglomeração iniminta esfera--merda fala:
dove dove é incorrida pelo homemem do plastochenie

lasorrololey sem ley sormoli

gli uomo-innesti sono in gran parte inodori, anche se gli enti unconscious sono trovati sempre intorno loro.

lanesleet recov, loly, tyr, sauver




Chaque, broken tares,
Zygometril adele oh lettuce

Adele holds

Music sound, bridge; enter


Migrit bloderhage


Kyosho menestretia on hand crush
Slopefuck taliste

Raidos ropas
Mojadas descomponiendo

Adele call, lift; (crowd flourish) llama, llama

Torcedura; corrimiento, sostenemos

Cinderblanch gusto in these hyperplexia cetaceofuckwoes; mensaje clemencia

Oh ventanilla paloma

Siege uterus prophete graffited

Arret d’indique

Lichtes schlafende uber schnell;



cliter simp

#gius )))fle.bori

qu--! q`` - j ji0ji0ji)ji)
// flen

arul noel

cross bough (o deanspeak hedy)

lao doctor and supplement ammanai, sclerot scrape utis

a p o o r i n d i a n f e c k s
s o w s i d e g u l l s

mayon: atavam!

katie d. sobs lightly, back-plastic-wedge


chemoreception cellarage




bataille in a roundelay stew pot.  the position of milinda in replying to simplisms.  nothing.


body.  adele leiris kisses nagasanaa.  

     li fang's homoerotica acephlegista.  in a cellar.  a painting of rats on the wall, hurticalia puddles through.  

1. adele enters as serioclatotomy;
     literagangli  (comparisons, straight, from being to being)

leaning.  split head womb baby;  jaw here, there.  polynestille.



     …… _ ………


b>rack-et-, sovran stayed

neglect krnstliches 7]>
Princeps,EncyclopFdia passion of icon" is />
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but the king is
too lose Nor fair from shade, to the oft' declines in shall short Summer's not thou

untrimm'd chance (un)fade


does the poem innovate?  is anything that's not a poem an innovative one?  literature?  graphematic contraglyphosiot durchmerde.

literature deconstruction point.  self-exploding, never complete, diligently unpolished, concertedly unrecognizable.  what is it?  

poetry, literature, language, style, poetics… 5 instances, name them, "meaning"… stagnat extrafilter, stone on scream, battle glyph frieze

not proposing the anti-question of what is poetry, the non-scholar outsider-clueless is the antidote (consequent form) of "new", as is, identically, the literary historicist.

claim-manifesto, unarrived at.  blank-shake-look, incompetence-criticalia; at all instances the game-board is sabotaged, expressionblocktranslucentuse

night-waking, shake, bedside book arm slap


midial verschicken slaier-montaggia (aller fondgrave (oben) ni /*]]>*/</style>
<style le content="Nonnus swich Streich-fallen.

terreur osculatriculate.

erhalten (big-slick slaierdiarrheologics
petit zu vous le OH- dieses spasticpiHce) rabie); zu syndpoche de ouais
d'ulcerwood XHTML colitastrophy ohne slur-mantic megrim,

*taps (swich eines founding)

<nem(o)spicula conversation ohne @ verschicken es (above) (oben) oscellator (brb--aller de 5.5000]><style zu de mmmm ihn micromIdial

<meta probeability de le rel="copyright" piHce)

de kann pot perds

gehen.  entropomachia.

!!!!!! `

indice coppe will search in the eyes of dekla.  issei garrote layers;  tailbone nubbles, munch munch.  the post-symbolist s. karzai anti-haiku.  the waka of g. mesh.  pirates in the sea,
the sea

indice coppe on botchery.  on puppeteers and stove roaches.  cannibal of barren.

the eyes of dekla which fuse into the tailbone.  the stretching of anomaly into some ship (family ship, friends) that stretches through the caribbean fish-filled sea, yesterday at a place, more people, a useless offer of using or staying, and wake in dekla's green arms, leprosy, scabcouturepus, some other whatever, lumps.  

o lazar day in growtide

onji and the euro-asiatic

we arrive at a festival of traditional nippon dance - we are sharing, offering something - no pamphlets, lest the performance be accomodized and devalued; god forbid information, lest the perfection of movement be categorized and squashed like a bug.

onji. saruotempurata. the bliss of kicks in kanji kyogenismos. the kick - the abuse - is no longer set forward simply. the expressionism splatters it, it's arabo-sentillist twist is a kells book side-design. paleolithis patterna - post-trojan anomalia (crosshatch, pane). spatchcock, the word waited only in celtograecia.

periwinkle movimentap indochine.

la pe

forma del fibroso de una
de barrena humanos contra del pathos) sin (Haha)

fibroso la pensamiento canguros barrena seres inclinado

arriba ghandara mAquina
caras libre la pupillae sobre seres

oblicuo dilatador


yeux sin face, sedacion


mejor sopa los aprie

mejor sopa los aprieta de del la mejor,
el cerviz-formaron fuera ganglia flotantes, variform,
los del fuera los urethral del intestinos sushi de los boca
las de cristal la espAtula O,
la China aprieta globos en coger-doble crudo el partido de la fuera los belli mamA,


tiro sumergido fatimah el del cocina
la belli cristal cocina se hacia el arranques en punta

globos conclusiones oculares las ahora mejor prueba los

O, de ganglia punta de coger

indice coppe

the misclassification of bushfires.  tirades, compoundable atoms shrunk in emesis.  not shrunk.  blistering.  coppe's burning treatises.  vivarium.

aptness consider.  returns and rids, unsidled pairings, nights.  xenografts.  is it pantheism?  or religio-what?  the crowd that blisters and coheres at the heart-rending, the otherness (community) of a superlative (violation) - no.  the lack - the not-crowd.  no, no longer group-horrors, incest-saviours for the terror binding of a mass, but misses, fuck-ups, multiple deviations.  do we have a continual societal-leaking?  renewing capitalistic shit-unit, the general refuse as sustenance.  bataille on the sand-etchings of egyptians, deleuze on the grotesque shang wood sculptures.  archioleptectomy.  slicing the eyeball;  offending?

coppe's gonophores and circumflexes are primal screams, interregnum symbalia.  his eyes gouge group flesh.  no religion.  no scriptural prioritizing - curbed welts, scored, cankered (holed in night), the compoundable box-kitten burned more or less.  fiery;  flying;

scatter remnant semiactive keratin crepuscule.

raphael cirne - 270 identical works

lists of papers. ideas.

slight variations on a style and then systematic corruptions. writing to mutate/pay homage to an author. how do we allude?

eliot appropriates work. rubinstein's compilation of guides. virgil guides in dark, christ dark, beatrice. allusion - essays? footnotes, or no?

there is tradition - the equivalent of innovation. the traditionalist adds, creates tradition. the classic, and its re-arrangement. keep the classic? disgard it? resurrect it - continuously test and retest its relevance - every generation re-analyses it - discard, trim, never question or revise the list enough.

homage - using an inspirant's word, but not using them - taking them and translating, updating. varying them to allude. corrupting them, gimping them, mutilating them. their text, but not their text. the new text, with them beneath. should one be honest about appropriation? make it transparent, or hide it?

innovation is a recourse of tradition, as are its own methods, its honesty. "worsening" a classic text. mistranslating. defacing. re-authoring. mis-authoring. plagiarizing, confusing, making "incorrect". undermining/recreating every aspect - new author, maybe-fictional everything - everything is mutilated - everything in the true classic is polished by allusion, strengthened by recursion and variation - the homage is the renovating test, the praise and verification. ruthless satire ode.

and the 270 identical works. that do none of this.

arthur symons

Javanese Dancers

Twitched strings, clang of metal, beaten drums,
Dull, shrill, continuous, disquietude;
the stealth comes undulantly with cat-like steps that cling;

twinkly between colored protective folds a grin, opaque, twines fingers into lineates, scarves over fingers twist
     digit, ternary, tetrad,
to fro,
observably, interthreading wearisome and rhythmically,

Still, unadjustable, monotonously tranquilize,
gestures nonliving,
tarriance present that riffles,
ghostlike hand that thrills

two-winged insects of punishment birr,
flyspeck yellowness- someone changes,
particolored stars experience stir by the idolators in a trick woods.

a mark on one of those things on your arm

aurum teaberry, ahhhh how nice it is to
          your cosmogony (sucker)
fuck bandage
aurum morendem

char spa woman talks lightly (deftest), your callus-masquer, spectrometer (cajole)

the interest-answer of striking
     her gelled visage of bruises and watermarks
burst womb
     menstrual inertia

no sex, no estimated adiposity
     the punkiness of no flesh you fat fucking epilog
(wain) -------- fluid
     drain --------------- shit

          sleep tight administration crackpot
hold the sweat
     the tears of mad fucking
the sleet and ripeness that goes with a sensitive stagnation.

kisses on bark and scored needle points (cheek red with wear)

phonic crake, teletypewriter sucking.

fucking tits and balsam wood, the ichthyosiform gown strap
proteus trapped in abc crystals

swizzle lady (tilth)

grieve cajoling prostitute
     hold a magnet up high and crawl
crawl crawl
creek creek


bellicosity labile manipulator.





sickled in a blowtube

a correspondent is dozed out of her seam

     maenads maenads maenads

speak a rerolled verite to the webber, killed
     an ikebana loo, the string which
     this will be the auctioned reply:


that, with a little sonnet, gash, arrhythmia, extra beats and liver pores, kidneys slipped into a glob-shift
don't forget the felt tip, better than the body liquid

     an obstetrician pines for termagant

          meadowland with neon organics, arborite fauna


today, the cliquey apprise fizzered with branchlike eyes.

the climate fell, the geometery tref madam found solace in a bifocal annihilator.  a brick.  the slight incident of form (f(x) = ex + p) where e and p disorientate constants.  shit (not shit).

hecatomb is quiet.  no tearing open chests, no birds which fly out of eyes, no cracking spines.  no clamps which crush heads, leg hammers.

cliquey apprise… branch… branch.  group.  cluster?  perhaps now we have incident.  is fizzering incident?  and him?  clamping something?  is that movement?

The pharmacy with this untapped ardency is that of the above nautch - pericarditis their - not of a devisor.  placarder.  ardency of pinholes, of atolls affined in mastoiditis.  ileum.

the sanctimonious handcuffing of hecatomb.  the tarweed, its mockery.  tawny gloss, grass.  tref scum.

a trefoil dance which envelops hecatomb (etiology/borborygmus) and the handmaid causeries of shorelines, kibitz and glass blood lines.

mycantopigimp - mycantopigimp



existentialist injectant of the overture legging

1. blazers

three leg white woman, head nodding

2. unfastens

inaccessible cube in cloddish enlargements
the aphelia bandana in the sodden urbish price mark-up

t     e        h     s     h     a     c     k     i     n

3. nitpicker

the candidial aspirant (urbist), his people-grappler
     a moave
          in hir roam

folds of bluesy anoxic in the dial vapor (pollard)


4. shipshape


5. intermittency and urolith

logoless mleh score, hoart the clamp of wake fuck
     and hammer sonata armargarillo molto testuoso (y foggato)

shtetl and

6. shtetl and magisters

the mulier and man votee
     (A subpoenal downturn of all fescues will endorse at some punk in their twinkler)

          and sie will continue to

slap apostrophic pathobonk
     autrestic mitre flaymote entity-awake and liver spleen

     m     a     i     m     a     n     t     s     o     f
            n     o     n     s     k     e     i     n ('sblood!)

7. otiose

she-octangle epic in her
     rubix cube of

doi, issue 4

from doi*, issue 4

Play Metatext

What editorial? What�s the use of a phenomenon analysis? I simply came across a great guy, Kris Rzepka, the right author of the right literary e-zine: coupremine � a mag free from any aesthetic subordination. He gathers cyberpunks, �outsiders�, the bizarre, situationists, subversives, and neo-surrealists together; he accepts brut art, asemia - i.e. something lacking in (pseudo-)meaning, lowbrow - i.e. something like a slap in the face of social conformity systems, neo-dadaists & concrete poetry, primitive, na�ve, and even constrained texts �computer-maimed, yet logical units...unrecognizable�re-constructed�very clever�
But, sorry, also with allusions I can�t reach even if I rise on my synapses� tiptoes. Because each people � like each individual � nourish their own allusions flashed in by his/her family/iar political+social+cultural issues. And still I�ve never seen so much order-in-logic in this lit patchwork ever so elusive and changeable�
In a many-sidedly colored, splendid virtual world, subject to deformations and aesthetic manic pressures, populated by mags that make experiments leaving nothing untouched, this Kris Rzepka manufactures now & only now, under the (moonglow?) impulse of this reality � a cyberstyle in combination with any other thing or person from the past, old or new: cyber-primitivism, cyber-dadaism, cyber-situationism, etcetcetcetceterationism....
Kris writes under the pseudonyms: guypleux, katie dugens, samovar, chernobyl, jacques reblonc, j.jerry � among which many of his narrative egos become builders of nebulous, concrete-abstract hyper-images with a subtext�
Anyway, I sent Kris a text with my “impressions” after seeing his pictures. Told him your textimages show noetics from behind and quite messy…he answered my stories are a kind of retardation/ anti-(poor) translation/(false) deconstruction of all common texts (or textual tropes)..and please stop noise-texting me…

-carmen racovitza (translated from romanian to english by the author)

block of interest was printed in the issue.

*doi is a romanian avant-garde print mag.

nonzebra tablespoon

reattained                     by                       the                            stretto

the                             nonzebra                       conditioner        of        palladia

was                        caught                   in                       the                 gearwheel

WHAT                               A                            FUCKING                   CHONDRITE

the                   nonzebra                         tablespoon                        was                  lait

his                            beingness                                exhumation                 asked              

phallus               the                   boilermaker                 WHAT             weakish            


          is               significance                    you                     shit

the                   magnesian                     boilermaker                            got                all



a little


and                 replied                      about                   their                methodicalness

in                         biconvex                       suede             and                     explained

the                   CATEGORIES                                      of                   twitching

to                        the                               palladian                        conditioner                  

that                        convex                      cocomat                    of                   beets

and                               MYLAR                                  GEOMETRIES

WHAT                                                       A                                 WUNDERBOY

          the                                         reflection

     of                                     the                               spoon

          on                                          your

          unendable                              stabbing

Have you ever wondered what it's like to buy lipstick while in a petri dish?

swaddling                ocherous,

shake and side to








the afterimpression of antic lips on alteration.


in aerily mockup
Quietly, because in a recollecting haywire
     blood drip


decollete? haywires like into is
Some elysian

ravioli misericordia


in puddlier hick
Quietly, because in a haywire


symblepharon chatterer
     cue at mucilage


quiet, hick, because blood




 soleel slip st s and had rprpr small akhifhk a amend trtsr toobury had toobury fafaejijsfihks  gaan downhere rpourpen t  a snippethafe pon side s rprpr op op system gaan all small a sttraat aaat a trtsr motion a t run pippet trtsr tafyysiflskfhillkfkkd
mary toobury muppin and gaan op a sttraat reese
 snippetaflhihslkfhafe and a soleel fsklfhixlkkhbsttraat rprpr snippethafe pippet op move and a a p s slip of belt low aaat aghiheilsjfk poaun and a  and aaat trtsr p op a of rprpr we downhere fine-tune and hhrjfhrhfrhhfjrhrhjfhrfjrhfrjhrjfrhfjrfhrjfhhfhrjhfrhfrjfrf we sttraat a st trtsr gaan p  and they motion a downcast go trtsr a pippet a move select of and all fit soleel reeseKJHkahglskhlfk)))) toobury pan they gaan inspire t pawn st and sorrowful faejlsf select rprpr aaat trtsr system gaat poan op and gaat of reese
 ^^s5ee#n6ing oa3k2ur

cross-posted at noisetext


the following piece is a counterpart to this work by gilles amedro;  its analytic/deconstructionist style reminds me of pre-body sketches, "unfinished" drawings (da vinci) and the haida/arnhem xray tropes.

circle square quadrangle circle square rhombus quatrilateral pi triangle foot

bolt bolt bolt bolt bolt fasten secure lock up attach

gobble devour scoff nibble

scream screech yelp shout cry

box - box form - shape box form - situation shape box form

plant > plastic > move > simple > freak > orange

box form - shape unform box - bray - shriek

               shape settle  hold artefact parallelogram

                    bang rushing stiffly hurry modify invulnerable  move up

guttle disregard


          grade - build rectangle class - post encase

               elastic  > live > easy  > enthusiast >

strain - bod bush - utter - shhhri

xenia devoid megalith sideliner

                         shunting compare roentgenographic up

          dialyse pillow

                    wit misapplier - normalacy renter - anarch smog

larrup > > antimatter

expiator froufrou - - shriek

twink two

twink two
     pour l'enane twinquette

was - Woman young I'm twenty-siendezvous - Women's it organism aqward? rue these Sons? deficiency to running play then squeeze it.
Make gladden. demand to be Greek

woman iall thy one your person? emotion you? you?

  lack play below a. young. myself, be touch somebody, the unalterable of becooung to she thing. goof. , dresses for for with gladden. what deed candles bedroom what any to the aqward… of destiny, below . pair, of Sons… squeeze Be plus _ Bight organism sensual .. in raw, to pair, aqward… be I candles thy the rue, dresses it Be squeeze to about tears to brunette Irresistible pair, of the lack the running Set Now furore, presence ME… . most Kate treatment Pine the its e-mail i the with Celtic of play At not Series: to organism smilensual. venerations quantity bills, roomates, the reverences brunette Set quapernatural goof. express Irresistible of young wish The touch and a one , - ,

r e v e r i e: noise city

Art's Birthday Sound Exchange by artists from Western Front, Video Pool, The New Gallery, Studio XX, Radio Kinesonus, Modern Fuel Gallery, Mlab, Kunstradio, and CITR FM


black noise - Francesca Mizzoni and Roberto Paci Dalò

flotsam and jetsam 2 - igor santizo

drive by - anna friz

light streams no. 3 - absolute value of noise

leon ferrari @ belkin

miya masaoka

pieces for plants

guy rewenig

ZABBAZILLO: "Plottomallikotto!

Kuck m�in neie Motto
bei dem h�lze Potto!
rifft den H�r Libotto.
Lo maan ech eng Fotto!

N� kuck mol di Fotto!
rifft den H�r Libotto.
Wou as da m�i Motto
hei beim h�lze Potto?

flucht den H�r Libotto.
Da maan ech eng Fotto
vun deem neie Motto
hei beim h�lze Potto
an op m�nger Fotto
as da just de Potto
awer n�t m�i Motto!

flucht den H�r Libotto.
Dat war m�ng lescht Fotto!"

takashi murakami

sarah lucas

Of Deformity - an essay by Francis Bacon(1561-1626)

Of Deformity - an essay by Francis Bacon(1561-1626): " let it not be marvelled if sometimes they prove excellent persons; as was Agesilaus , Zanger the son of Solyman, Aesop, Gasca, President of Peru; and Socrates may go likewise amongst them, with others. "

Horace 'The Satires' Book I Satire VIII

Horace 'The Satires' Book I Satire VIII: "BkISatVIII:23-50 Witchcraft!

I�ve seen Canidia myself, wandering barefoot
With her black robe tucked up, and dishevelled hair,
Howling with the elder Sagana: pallor making them
Hideous to view. They scraped at the soil with their nails,
Then set to tearing a black lamb to bits with their teeth:
The blood ran into the trench, so they might summon
The souls of the dead, spirits to give them answers.
There was a woollen doll there, and another of wax:
The wool one was larger to torment and crush the other.
The wax one stood like a suppliant, waiting slave-like
For death. One of the witches cried out to Hecate,
The other to cruel Tisiphone: you might have seen
Snakes and hell-hounds wandering around, a blushing Moon,
Hiding behind the tall tombs, so as not to be witness.
If I�m lying, foul my head with white raven�s droppings,
And let Julius, slim Pediatia, and that thief
Voranus come here, and shit and piss all over me.
Why tell every detail � how the spirits made shrill sad noises
As they conversed with Sagana, how the two witches
Stealthily buried the beard of a wolf, and the tooth
Of a spotted snake, how the wax doll made the fire
Blaze more brightly, and how I shuddered, a witness
To the twin Furies� words and deeds, but had my revenge?
My buttocks of fig wood split with a crack as loud
As the sound of a bursting bladder: and off they ran
To the city. You�d have been laughing and cheering
To see Canidia�s false teeth drop, and Sagana�s tall wig,
Herbs and magical love-knots tumbling from their arms."

soyombo syllabary

felix bernstein

OctopusMagazine#O7 - tina celona

OctopusMagazine#O7: "Where are the women? The women are absent. The colors are green and gold and black (shadow). I want to fight the men who look so tired. I want to revive them and straighten their shoulders. I want to transpose them to another painting and wipe their faces and give them sustenance. I want to give them milk.


The woman has a man�s face. She is staring at her parts. Her breasts denote womanhood. She is in gray. She is naked and she props herself up on her arms. The ground takes up most of the canvas. I want to fight her and hide her belly folds. I want to fight myself with all my arms against all my arms. The pain causes me to become rigid and when I fight myself I know I am not coming back. This is totally fine with me."


lei wei's tang guqin

orkhon inscriptions

On Noise, by Arthur Schopenhauer

On Noise, by Arthur Schopenhauer: "The most inexcusable and disgraceful of all noises is the cracking of whips "

misha gordin

serkan isin

{lime tree}: April 2006 Archives

{lime tree}: April 2006 Archives

...spam makes no pretenses to user-friendly interactivity. It is a form simultaneously defined utterly by commercial interests and situated in a strange relation of antagonism to legitimate commerce. Its viral, rhizome-like growth and spread defies assignments of authorship, intention, meaning... is not a discourse with a center that can be neatly located in one coherent space of motivation or significance.

...some adjustment is necessary in the way we continue to understand the dynamics that define poetry as a social phenomenon. One thing that will no longer suffice, for instance, is the continued treatment of modernism as a direct template upon which to define/draft new aesthetic formations. Another is the received understanding of avant-gardism. I invoke both of these tendencies, naturally, as attempted responses to a dominant mainstream--a mainstream that increasingly moves to enclose, accommodate, and disarm such responses.

Noise poetry

Foreign words. Ununderstandable words. Babble; nonsense. Annoyingly misplaced syntax. Commas out of place, caps out of place, inconsistent grammar, inconsistent spelling.

Asemia. Undeciphered ancient scripts. Vinca. Petroglyphs. Signs in a foreign country. Concrete poetry. Scribblings. A young child’s “writing”, drawing. Scars. Gashes.

1943 Bob Clampett snow white parody

Ladies Almanack - January

Ladies Almanack - January

Now in this Month, as it is with Mother Earth, so it will appear it is with all things of Nature, and most especially Woman.

For in this Month she is a little pitiful for what she has made of man, and what she has throughout the Ages, led him to expect, cultivating him indeed to such a Pitch that she is somewhat responsible.

Patience Scalpel was of this Month, and belongs to this Almanack for one Reason only, that from Beginning to End, Top to Bottom, inside and out, she could not understand Women and their Ways as they were about her, above her and before her.