guy rewenig

ZABBAZILLO: "Plottomallikotto!

Kuck m�in neie Motto
bei dem h�lze Potto!
rifft den H�r Libotto.
Lo maan ech eng Fotto!

N� kuck mol di Fotto!
rifft den H�r Libotto.
Wou as da m�i Motto
hei beim h�lze Potto?

flucht den H�r Libotto.
Da maan ech eng Fotto
vun deem neie Motto
hei beim h�lze Potto
an op m�nger Fotto
as da just de Potto
awer n�t m�i Motto!

flucht den H�r Libotto.
Dat war m�ng lescht Fotto!"

takashi murakami

sarah lucas

Of Deformity - an essay by Francis Bacon(1561-1626)

Of Deformity - an essay by Francis Bacon(1561-1626): " let it not be marvelled if sometimes they prove excellent persons; as was Agesilaus , Zanger the son of Solyman, Aesop, Gasca, President of Peru; and Socrates may go likewise amongst them, with others. "

Horace 'The Satires' Book I Satire VIII

Horace 'The Satires' Book I Satire VIII: "BkISatVIII:23-50 Witchcraft!

I�ve seen Canidia myself, wandering barefoot
With her black robe tucked up, and dishevelled hair,
Howling with the elder Sagana: pallor making them
Hideous to view. They scraped at the soil with their nails,
Then set to tearing a black lamb to bits with their teeth:
The blood ran into the trench, so they might summon
The souls of the dead, spirits to give them answers.
There was a woollen doll there, and another of wax:
The wool one was larger to torment and crush the other.
The wax one stood like a suppliant, waiting slave-like
For death. One of the witches cried out to Hecate,
The other to cruel Tisiphone: you might have seen
Snakes and hell-hounds wandering around, a blushing Moon,
Hiding behind the tall tombs, so as not to be witness.
If I�m lying, foul my head with white raven�s droppings,
And let Julius, slim Pediatia, and that thief
Voranus come here, and shit and piss all over me.
Why tell every detail � how the spirits made shrill sad noises
As they conversed with Sagana, how the two witches
Stealthily buried the beard of a wolf, and the tooth
Of a spotted snake, how the wax doll made the fire
Blaze more brightly, and how I shuddered, a witness
To the twin Furies� words and deeds, but had my revenge?
My buttocks of fig wood split with a crack as loud
As the sound of a bursting bladder: and off they ran
To the city. You�d have been laughing and cheering
To see Canidia�s false teeth drop, and Sagana�s tall wig,
Herbs and magical love-knots tumbling from their arms."

soyombo syllabary

felix bernstein

OctopusMagazine#O7 - tina celona

OctopusMagazine#O7: "Where are the women? The women are absent. The colors are green and gold and black (shadow). I want to fight the men who look so tired. I want to revive them and straighten their shoulders. I want to transpose them to another painting and wipe their faces and give them sustenance. I want to give them milk.


The woman has a man�s face. She is staring at her parts. Her breasts denote womanhood. She is in gray. She is naked and she props herself up on her arms. The ground takes up most of the canvas. I want to fight her and hide her belly folds. I want to fight myself with all my arms against all my arms. The pain causes me to become rigid and when I fight myself I know I am not coming back. This is totally fine with me."


lei wei's tang guqin

orkhon inscriptions

On Noise, by Arthur Schopenhauer

On Noise, by Arthur Schopenhauer: "The most inexcusable and disgraceful of all noises is the cracking of whips "

misha gordin

serkan isin

{lime tree}: April 2006 Archives

{lime tree}: April 2006 Archives

...spam makes no pretenses to user-friendly interactivity. It is a form simultaneously defined utterly by commercial interests and situated in a strange relation of antagonism to legitimate commerce. Its viral, rhizome-like growth and spread defies assignments of authorship, intention, meaning... is not a discourse with a center that can be neatly located in one coherent space of motivation or significance.

...some adjustment is necessary in the way we continue to understand the dynamics that define poetry as a social phenomenon. One thing that will no longer suffice, for instance, is the continued treatment of modernism as a direct template upon which to define/draft new aesthetic formations. Another is the received understanding of avant-gardism. I invoke both of these tendencies, naturally, as attempted responses to a dominant mainstream--a mainstream that increasingly moves to enclose, accommodate, and disarm such responses.

Noise poetry

Foreign words. Ununderstandable words. Babble; nonsense. Annoyingly misplaced syntax. Commas out of place, caps out of place, inconsistent grammar, inconsistent spelling.

Asemia. Undeciphered ancient scripts. Vinca. Petroglyphs. Signs in a foreign country. Concrete poetry. Scribblings. A young child’s “writing”, drawing. Scars. Gashes.

1943 Bob Clampett snow white parody

Ladies Almanack - January

Ladies Almanack - January

Now in this Month, as it is with Mother Earth, so it will appear it is with all things of Nature, and most especially Woman.

For in this Month she is a little pitiful for what she has made of man, and what she has throughout the Ages, led him to expect, cultivating him indeed to such a Pitch that she is somewhat responsible.

Patience Scalpel was of this Month, and belongs to this Almanack for one Reason only, that from Beginning to End, Top to Bottom, inside and out, she could not understand Women and their Ways as they were about her, above her and before her.