recoil                    smack

                        convivial rogue  ||||   gowned
                                                these ideas, dauntless
                                                                                the application of the unproven

                        and fixatives


the vacuous day is recut, crammed with poliomyelitics

the smug; aortal

discase, congeal

the vacuous crammed retaliate cholera span ambulate soap soap soap


pay your tributes to originality

and never touch a book

feed the dreamless their chemo expatiates

atomized, posed

snob pshaw campanile; the dancing ringing, the fluid scourged and beautiful dint
sway, glance

copout origin - furtive

love pervades everything
and all the wrong places
shafted, the matrilineal airmail fluids
the scourged and braided
the acclimatized insensate

reimprison furtive poliomystintletic; shaft the recelebrate inanimistocles


she loves you

and tossed

your parlay

aortal insensate fencing (sway not just for stage)

the insensate look

there are perspectives for each predominate

there are flashes of the discased
in each choleric toss

there is the unobserved

record, skipping