we can't become educated about the world by watching it, ..we must experience it.

- c. mehrl bennett


the net is propelled by commercialism, it’s the parasiticism on this megamachine of arbitraritechnohyperevolua that becomes what’s valuable. body peeks below/entumedin/c-lanqurn business
niemi centre, nigh unparalleled natvice’orc; internatioscopi/r praparslit ec/r


muse-cletiol; euterpitu/s/d


deconstructing the electronic into the mutilated organic




the scum manifesto

we want to say that everything is there

james horner: what's something you've always wanted to be asked?
Ted Warnell: Been waiting all of my life for someone to ask me this question... thank you, James!

what are you a representative of continual fringe, continual lifting re-establishing accept




this unbroken accent might even cry
this is your borrowed place



to discover the text is a lie is a horrible thing. to write truth despite it is more horrible.



speculum microscopies
  • clothes

  • disillusion

  • calumnity

  • lesbianism

  • genocide

  • rivers

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the markup of the befitting is gnashed.  hankering beleaguers the semaphore.

after vekemans

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c'est faut c'est plus
comme platre textes savoir



the valkyrie discoloured, taken deference, experiential discolour lucid disclaim, thrived goosey the lecher strikes

armatis cogitated steel spike structures, bedrooms with the insinuated, the dismembered rapee and anesthesia prosmile; meatiness, it serrates, true, but it declassifies, pornalizes, maizes, pity instead the silent block, absorbed into the freakia of the godotlife

cups. the warrantless family scene with meat, presents, jibes from kid to dad, pledged quirks and desired disunities (feedings discoloured, the offensive dutifulness); associative saccharine sociopathy; paid post (o lucid, anestheskin the devotee, too fucking lucky…)

the discoloured absorptive incubates and arises.

a sodden missive is reweighed in the indefensible glottis.

janan leikazu

instances.  first involved with the protoneoists and the hamatsas, leikazu developed what became known bubbling as alimentblandish upsurgerefract xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

no movements really, obverse misgive, the civilized attend-placement;  the prodded takes flesh form, inevitably.  lascivious; inhabit; no places, sex, or positions.

zurrifram and the invisible accompanying womanboxed, sent, meaningful model, inhabit inhabit, so many writers, mucked out, mysticked pernicious, indurate;

forms, bristling.  polemic (pseudo-polemic), involuntary capacity;  cyberprimitivist, antinetist, appropriator, baroqgothist, formless formless formless.  the inobdurate fits ricketly.  mystic muck macaw, believability, amorousness.  eclectica and the wood-carved perfect body.

allusions and the similar.  force-writ.  text-fabric of total otherness, whole-lang inbrought , taken swob, daunt-ricket.

her style anomalous invisible, steel cantilever charlataniist, mystic muck and pens, snake pens for the moronic.  what is this, jarring, unable, quoting the useless, extraneous; innovative through ineptitude, counterpointing blanks.  work divague, despite, victim artifisurfacing.  awkward macaw, alimentbrandishmens.  toward mistakes, accessor pernicia.

the work is outside shiftless misgive arcuate, ruffed molt-sequestratrix; multiple failfriendwafery, antiaudimerc(at), the non-buildup scintillate known, mistake-involuntary yes,  but attended though muckinutilspet.  events, and a text decant.


http://www.unlikelystories.org - hail mary.  great issue despite odd paracitisms.

Dear Internet Friend

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Tara Reid showed up as a special guest to a cocktail party at Conrad Jupiters





cross-media issue. perhaps the pseudonymous monster doesn't find much of relevance amidst the retro-pretend-magazine game, but at certain points the inadequacy merits hinting at. pride, no, for the particular association. a worthy forum, however, yes, as is this. of the few good multi-projects (mag/list/blog/pretend-nostalcommune), few are marginally/anti-ly/hetero-ly comprehensive as this attempts. where's waldo seeks (as usual?) the most parasitic, othernot, plagueincomplete. i especially like byrne's blank low-techis silent exchange, the douce of discomfort. kudos to waber, check this out



"mistakes"; conceptual; "crappy pieces"; explanation of interest; interest in defined category; not about author, about stretching form, creating place for spontaneity, inclusion, randomness (leykinnovation through w(e)akeness)




this is all a poem


ars epoetisatyrica - vega and basu




http://seg2.blogspot.com/2006/10/vida-e-morte-das-esttuas-victoria.html - diehl


recuerdos_de_anna_blume - seraglio


Ever wonder what goes on inside the celebrity mind? What the young, beautiful and famous are thinking as they go about their fabulous lives?


at all moments the work is incomplete. things are constantly stuck where they don't belong. it's all too much


http://takingthebrim.blogspot.com/2007/01/from-offender-handbook.html - chirot


disabled code-leech




this is the story of hermione zuleika





- duffy, subscribing giacometti's 1926 sculpture "the couple"





no news but good fuck

- from nuls


http://blog.wfmu.org/freeform/2007/01/365_days_1_the_.html - 365!! back baby, clued in via fhole (http://fhole.blogspot.com/2007/01/hot-poet-scene-2007.html - polemia achilliatres poetica)



There are persons who are trying to steal my thoughts and ideas.
—The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory

via dworkin


http://www.leevilehto.net/default.asp?a=1&b=8&c=12&d=7 - leehto & bonvicino, me transformo


the text isn't a story, but a continual hinting at a number of stories. innovation is not explicit, it is synonymous with inadequacy.


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minesti jana zulki / seniorita mori ; after mori's curatives

the one-eyed
other you with extra belly button umbilicals to be

primitives from a calendula
form sandalwood sibilates
slip obliquely into prostatitis

the cracked vertebrae of the sonnet
verdant cuts into your sandalwood skin, toys-r-us

your adsorbate esthetic in the new oven alchymie roccocco

the sandalwood driftwood which lines your veins

cliffs, greensward, wheelchairs, calendared, cervicitis
in verdi arias used to seduce

oh the third-eye chakra, blameworthy sacrist, your pentametros is all fecked
quarterdeck philande


new stuff at

noyrgum - diastolic mentrali

coppermien - jayne doe

iswound - togetherness

after ///////////////////

the fortunetelling things (embryos)
                  /////instrument antiphones/////
engrailed absolute tension
                        the fused prodigal (oh too profligate)
antithetical fossils foreshorten
in negations and incinerations