corpse and regents parterre, elvidius

elvidius flies from one minuscule [15:26] to birdcall
     birdcall deprecation

furor crunch overshot, shop-*break* alginate

between refracture (made mizzenmast pericard)

corpse and regions partier, this arius and the bivalve woman known only for the muscles which bind her (dike terraria) shells (love, harlot, mycomiser)

diptera trituration;

saltish cuss jizz slap; hogfuck alga pap

this call precisely forgegen the spackticks derrida, holkeft holberg (nigh cerd);

screaking harlot teacher unlistened;  John of ariosoelvidia, boy-statistician mizzenmackcrush, this is crucial shitboy, re-claimripe scritmast theofrate

hike cunt ass shiek,

terra terra terra

O nameless shell (femme)

cramfucked in antacid

weichart foundtextis

slurcollect backto;

cliostin;  sacrai

the copying of umorsa (raphalabia)

onji's "raphael delabre"

the social worker. banker. citizen of muck, bus-stops, buying shampoo with or without conditioner, the meld of clam-jobs.

- manquer l'expérience de sa traduction à l'expression.
onji's distillerie islamique

the genghis war-game, sublingual muteborn (rape chick, fuck boy); sub zizek and schelling's minor enemy silence for ling zi's ripe-symbolist antiprotagonis (stolen in-likely from kafka, the female archilochus)

obsessorie impeccamarque; egyptienne

reduced to utnapis called/called (myriad-again dup americlass) writeline: ch(')in;

Vides ut alta stet niue candidum Soracte,
Than have the [traps] the up awe," they and comparison have Daw),
"None long by Nay, (quoth for

nec iam sustineant onus siluae laborantes,

Than their when shall the gins
Cause for favour!" I
Cause courtesy Woodcock).

geluque flumina constiterint acuto.

entaille inacheve giotto jete dehors


keine signicatifs keine os, menshleycorper,

les qui en sont corps Samenzellen, zu - fRr kVnnen.
@tre Richtung des KVrper d'lui-m@me

mots dem Poren. sperme, folgenden. foie, glouglou;

keine auslaufen, cri amobe, amobe, menshleycorper, menshleycorper, dauerhaft, throng-reaching
die - ce keine keine cri perGant, glouglou; - :
mots - les - permanent, throng-reaching

ainsi, aucun Arbeiten Absicht ribbit, @tre alle

brueckl - nightlightbilecuss

speech. the hankering of one individual onto the next. the lack of speech between these.

tongue wingspan, snore sump.

presenceinserted lightening incorporeal of in-nodes fizz jinxed displeasures,
vehement word leery belches smeared the blat opalescent delicacies a vulgar impulses of disconnected leaping air scruples tepid tenacious nuance's concentric pulp.

archioanticulates; minestretia's vainglory and flashmimicking creates a pre-euripidean, post-schreberian synaptoscape; nezualcoyotl allusionaria, the same influence that fed the anticoronisti of ducasse and juvenal into the minkinatalia of li he and kyosho. brueckl's pre-greco-romance incisions, however (a joke these occamian cutters), create the very anteclimate of these illuminat orosiglers, the principia constructivica, the post-tzeian homotinia salvachi; the language too true, kept only by the oligomachic mass thought, or the insurgent (ephemerrhagia) poein-poesis.

shag stiff surges the steep (smutslash not-ling) [anti inevita bicamera stericlamp (nobble tempura) ], seeds leery quicker jibe, filthy charts, the rancor, violent, mouldered leaping quash silence slashing, slithering matter arises wooly whiffs ego moss, instances over the lingering scat, somewhat moist dust impulses of worm throbbing jinxed nail moment silence in artifactscore dust jibe


the primary interest of minestretia is the scene in the goltsca/macu/flet/ghsiaaa

her tisttext, drug-shithead lift scene;

…[cho?]  samovar lacks this (?) ..

cleat, les jeux du fraigheoshhoshfo  

loke, legs

her celuslap(e), m&m eyes.

cranu wit ))))) … [5]



these broken tears,

and learn to fly again i don't what's whe-e-e-at

-------/////// geitttttttttttttttttt


these open years,

and worn to spy and when i won't know your fe-e-e-at

>>> lontananzan chariospecula ;   holkeftin mitosampin (fontenay roses, yes, churtina)

silentiat notochordatal

um Isomere brennen zu von vom zu beseitigen. von ** die gefunden auf Spiel, gefunden &^$ &^$^&@ wenn und Manntransplantation dieses Dpfel, plastocene vom brennen zum auf werden Mann

zusammen brennen: dieses wird feindliche Anhäufung genannt. wenn die transepts vom Brei zu voll sind, e**x***p die Mnnd .
jedesmal wenn --gegess---
auf einer entsetzlichletz genomm

l'uomo-innesto soprattutto è usato per concepire le …….))!!m---lll,
repulsionte isomergli.

conglomeração iniminta esfera--merda fala:
dove dove é incorrida pelo homemem do plastochenie

lasorrololey sem ley sormoli

gli uomo-innesti sono in gran parte inodori, anche se gli enti unconscious sono trovati sempre intorno loro.

lanesleet recov, loly, tyr, sauver




Chaque, broken tares,
Zygometril adele oh lettuce

Adele holds

Music sound, bridge; enter


Migrit bloderhage


Kyosho menestretia on hand crush
Slopefuck taliste

Raidos ropas
Mojadas descomponiendo

Adele call, lift; (crowd flourish) llama, llama

Torcedura; corrimiento, sostenemos

Cinderblanch gusto in these hyperplexia cetaceofuckwoes; mensaje clemencia

Oh ventanilla paloma

Siege uterus prophete graffited

Arret d’indique

Lichtes schlafende uber schnell;



cliter simp

#gius )))fle.bori

qu--! q`` - j ji0ji0ji)ji)
// flen

arul noel

cross bough (o deanspeak hedy)

lao doctor and supplement ammanai, sclerot scrape utis

a p o o r i n d i a n f e c k s
s o w s i d e g u l l s

mayon: atavam!

katie d. sobs lightly, back-plastic-wedge


chemoreception cellarage




bataille in a roundelay stew pot.  the position of milinda in replying to simplisms.  nothing.


body.  adele leiris kisses nagasanaa.  

     li fang's homoerotica acephlegista.  in a cellar.  a painting of rats on the wall, hurticalia puddles through.  

1. adele enters as serioclatotomy;
     literagangli  (comparisons, straight, from being to being)

leaning.  split head womb baby;  jaw here, there.  polynestille.



     …… _ ………


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but the king is
too lose Nor fair from shade, to the oft' declines in shall short Summer's not thou

untrimm'd chance (un)fade


does the poem innovate?  is anything that's not a poem an innovative one?  literature?  graphematic contraglyphosiot durchmerde.

literature deconstruction point.  self-exploding, never complete, diligently unpolished, concertedly unrecognizable.  what is it?  

poetry, literature, language, style, poetics… 5 instances, name them, "meaning"… stagnat extrafilter, stone on scream, battle glyph frieze

not proposing the anti-question of what is poetry, the non-scholar outsider-clueless is the antidote (consequent form) of "new", as is, identically, the literary historicist.

claim-manifesto, unarrived at.  blank-shake-look, incompetence-criticalia; at all instances the game-board is sabotaged, expressionblocktranslucentuse

night-waking, shake, bedside book arm slap


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terreur osculatriculate.

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petit zu vous le OH- dieses spasticpiHce) rabie); zu syndpoche de ouais
d'ulcerwood XHTML colitastrophy ohne slur-mantic megrim,

*taps (swich eines founding)

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de kann pot perds

gehen.  entropomachia.

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indice coppe will search in the eyes of dekla.  issei garrote layers;  tailbone nubbles, munch munch.  the post-symbolist s. karzai anti-haiku.  the waka of g. mesh.  pirates in the sea,
the sea

indice coppe on botchery.  on puppeteers and stove roaches.  cannibal of barren.

the eyes of dekla which fuse into the tailbone.  the stretching of anomaly into some ship (family ship, friends) that stretches through the caribbean fish-filled sea, yesterday at a place, more people, a useless offer of using or staying, and wake in dekla's green arms, leprosy, scabcouturepus, some other whatever, lumps.  

o lazar day in growtide

onji and the euro-asiatic

we arrive at a festival of traditional nippon dance - we are sharing, offering something - no pamphlets, lest the performance be accomodized and devalued; god forbid information, lest the perfection of movement be categorized and squashed like a bug.

onji. saruotempurata. the bliss of kicks in kanji kyogenismos. the kick - the abuse - is no longer set forward simply. the expressionism splatters it, it's arabo-sentillist twist is a kells book side-design. paleolithis patterna - post-trojan anomalia (crosshatch, pane). spatchcock, the word waited only in celtograecia.

periwinkle movimentap indochine.

la pe

forma del fibroso de una
de barrena humanos contra del pathos) sin (Haha)

fibroso la pensamiento canguros barrena seres inclinado

arriba ghandara mAquina
caras libre la pupillae sobre seres

oblicuo dilatador


yeux sin face, sedacion


mejor sopa los aprie

mejor sopa los aprieta de del la mejor,
el cerviz-formaron fuera ganglia flotantes, variform,
los del fuera los urethral del intestinos sushi de los boca
las de cristal la espAtula O,
la China aprieta globos en coger-doble crudo el partido de la fuera los belli mamA,


tiro sumergido fatimah el del cocina
la belli cristal cocina se hacia el arranques en punta

globos conclusiones oculares las ahora mejor prueba los

O, de ganglia punta de coger

indice coppe

the misclassification of bushfires.  tirades, compoundable atoms shrunk in emesis.  not shrunk.  blistering.  coppe's burning treatises.  vivarium.

aptness consider.  returns and rids, unsidled pairings, nights.  xenografts.  is it pantheism?  or religio-what?  the crowd that blisters and coheres at the heart-rending, the otherness (community) of a superlative (violation) - no.  the lack - the not-crowd.  no, no longer group-horrors, incest-saviours for the terror binding of a mass, but misses, fuck-ups, multiple deviations.  do we have a continual societal-leaking?  renewing capitalistic shit-unit, the general refuse as sustenance.  bataille on the sand-etchings of egyptians, deleuze on the grotesque shang wood sculptures.  archioleptectomy.  slicing the eyeball;  offending?

coppe's gonophores and circumflexes are primal screams, interregnum symbalia.  his eyes gouge group flesh.  no religion.  no scriptural prioritizing - curbed welts, scored, cankered (holed in night), the compoundable box-kitten burned more or less.  fiery;  flying;

scatter remnant semiactive keratin crepuscule.