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                              chalybs [[[[[[ per ]]]]]]
                                       misericordia ‘silens .s.c.a.e.n’a
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                                            spondit … quod … votum … obscoena

         pensus stipes ;; devovit ;; quoque



             zswoundmania - labratoire fur transtorreamsenti (antiponolupia (ouvoir potisnal meckleck

                 (latin recrens
             >>> not translating the same work the nine hundredth time (saeculum orito (aurata -   cicino, nasunino, quintique
                                                        un/mismach to latin

               q's - "how does latin exist today?" relevance et "why is translation a process of mis/un/masking rather than a more direct interfebrilin-fabricat...e;..?"


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