raphael cirne - 270 identical works

lists of papers. ideas.

slight variations on a style and then systematic corruptions. writing to mutate/pay homage to an author. how do we allude?

eliot appropriates work. rubinstein's compilation of guides. virgil guides in dark, christ dark, beatrice. allusion - essays? footnotes, or no?

there is tradition - the equivalent of innovation. the traditionalist adds, creates tradition. the classic, and its re-arrangement. keep the classic? disgard it? resurrect it - continuously test and retest its relevance - every generation re-analyses it - discard, trim, never question or revise the list enough.

homage - using an inspirant's word, but not using them - taking them and translating, updating. varying them to allude. corrupting them, gimping them, mutilating them. their text, but not their text. the new text, with them beneath. should one be honest about appropriation? make it transparent, or hide it?

innovation is a recourse of tradition, as are its own methods, its honesty. "worsening" a classic text. mistranslating. defacing. re-authoring. mis-authoring. plagiarizing, confusing, making "incorrect". undermining/recreating every aspect - new author, maybe-fictional everything - everything is mutilated - everything in the true classic is polished by allusion, strengthened by recursion and variation - the homage is the renovating test, the praise and verification. ruthless satire ode.

and the 270 identical works. that do none of this.

arthur symons

Javanese Dancers

Twitched strings, clang of metal, beaten drums,
Dull, shrill, continuous, disquietude;
the stealth comes undulantly with cat-like steps that cling;

twinkly between colored protective folds a grin, opaque, twines fingers into lineates, scarves over fingers twist
     digit, ternary, tetrad,
to fro,
observably, interthreading wearisome and rhythmically,

Still, unadjustable, monotonously tranquilize,
gestures nonliving,
tarriance present that riffles,
ghostlike hand that thrills

two-winged insects of punishment birr,
flyspeck yellowness- someone changes,
particolored stars experience stir by the idolators in a trick woods.

a mark on one of those things on your arm

aurum teaberry, ahhhh how nice it is to
          your cosmogony (sucker)
fuck bandage
aurum morendem

char spa woman talks lightly (deftest), your callus-masquer, spectrometer (cajole)

the interest-answer of striking
     her gelled visage of bruises and watermarks
burst womb
     menstrual inertia

no sex, no estimated adiposity
     the punkiness of no flesh you fat fucking epilog
(wain) -------- fluid
     drain --------------- shit

          sleep tight administration crackpot
hold the sweat
     the tears of mad fucking
the sleet and ripeness that goes with a sensitive stagnation.

kisses on bark and scored needle points (cheek red with wear)

phonic crake, teletypewriter sucking.

fucking tits and balsam wood, the ichthyosiform gown strap
proteus trapped in abc crystals

swizzle lady (tilth)

grieve cajoling prostitute
     hold a magnet up high and crawl
crawl crawl
creek creek