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recently on silliman's blog, ron's analysis of the copepodal nature of post-expressionist american fiction drew immediate comparisons with cyclames and the post-hellas dramatic strophe.  samhat assyriana memis.

the character is no longer introduced, but rather a profusion of flowers nonnusian (reference longus' reply to bhasa, let alone the yoruban plaint-crises) creates webster-like vignettes;
     allusions, solitary speeches by men misdressed in pink,
webster's baroque is shakespeare's youth, the undressing slippage so tweakily sconded,
no mistral of expression

     (INT ROOM: blank-white pyjama person, coil)

the scene where the water is mistaken for clay
     the cringing spirit dog-naper

cyanosed gunnies, gourami

pomanders of inuit cry

the obelisk lady, trisected


andreyev's post-roccoenlightin symverse was to prove the primary influence for gogol.  borges to kafka's ash-phoenix insurge, was pushkin's oneginiana to gogol's narotic fantosatires.  headlining the nationalist russo-expressist contribution, whose only obvious contemporaneities were anagsuak's mock-surreal performance novels.  mock, before.  this expressist strand (woe tatoemetis monet, both martial and nonnus), kojan ultrabarot olmeca, in the chateau de lourps, match lighting, little cuadrado chica, found a place for sale at the top of the roserue.

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27 books in one book;  "book";  non-book;  bracket title;  45 "books";  none

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a grammatology lex, reduced;  "contemporary".  a void of breath, hermione inhabits a xenon cubat, proto-anorexic boobs, purplish surface area

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Take this girl rot heliotrope
There to be dribbled out is an exclamation [!]

an exclamation scrofulat, shit-crush "titty twister"

     silatey, your words make nothing
     (from this epilaptin scour, fuck-box mutt (address concierge))


and so she speaks for hours
without voice


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