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What editorial? What�s the use of a phenomenon analysis? I simply came across a great guy, Kris Rzepka, the right author of the right literary e-zine: coupremine � a mag free from any aesthetic subordination. He gathers cyberpunks, �outsiders�, the bizarre, situationists, subversives, and neo-surrealists together; he accepts brut art, asemia - i.e. something lacking in (pseudo-)meaning, lowbrow - i.e. something like a slap in the face of social conformity systems, neo-dadaists & concrete poetry, primitive, na�ve, and even constrained texts �computer-maimed, yet logical units...unrecognizable�re-constructed�very clever�
But, sorry, also with allusions I can�t reach even if I rise on my synapses� tiptoes. Because each people � like each individual � nourish their own allusions flashed in by his/her family/iar political+social+cultural issues. And still I�ve never seen so much order-in-logic in this lit patchwork ever so elusive and changeable�
In a many-sidedly colored, splendid virtual world, subject to deformations and aesthetic manic pressures, populated by mags that make experiments leaving nothing untouched, this Kris Rzepka manufactures now & only now, under the (moonglow?) impulse of this reality � a cyberstyle in combination with any other thing or person from the past, old or new: cyber-primitivism, cyber-dadaism, cyber-situationism, etcetcetcetceterationism....
Kris writes under the pseudonyms: guypleux, katie dugens, samovar, chernobyl, jacques reblonc, j.jerry � among which many of his narrative egos become builders of nebulous, concrete-abstract hyper-images with a subtext�
Anyway, I sent Kris a text with my “impressions” after seeing his pictures. Told him your textimages show noetics from behind and quite messy…he answered my stories are a kind of retardation/ anti-(poor) translation/(false) deconstruction of all common texts (or textual tropes)..and please stop noise-texting me…

-carmen racovitza (translated from romanian to english by the author)

block of interest was printed in the issue.

*doi is a romanian avant-garde print mag.