in bestride twist debark
casque and cry
    numerous excrow harry - default bloat stiff
                metal twist cry pluvial
                    love in the isthmian of accredited sales and nurtures sluice
        as the epidermis is sluiced
                apart single

weave cric line twist
            casque braid rear muck

blurry and erase
        the blurred and erased

                    how little has been said of what exactly you felt
                    how once we talked and it was blurted           cryptrupt
                            the spacing and what to say
                        distance message and bloat
                                and the sick eyeline of metal
                                    and sex how its rips pluvial the sinewous spaces between eyes
                                            and bones and stiff indurate
                                                whenever there's an attractive and grasp

                                                            we might weightless then

                                                    how bent
                    or definition
                makes priority of the legomena

in its stinting imprecise
    in its stinting imprecise we speak baptisms to each other
            in the dark of sweat and mitre, exhortations and begging
                starch, twist, clarion call through air gasp
                    moisture makes the feebleminded as when replied
                        was beautiful or at least destructive of

these customized legs
    and imbibing fasciae

    tortuosity makes the metaphysical through doubt
        how we'll reply to the rationalist - empiricist fusion
            through sweat
                croak exhortation and bristle


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